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temporarily out of hiding...

to present you with http://producten.hema.nl/, probably one of the most interesting webpages i've seen in a long time. you can't order anything from it, but if you leave the page alone, it starts to do all this wonderfully wacky stuff...

anyways, how is everyone? happy birthday, noctalis_noctis~!!

ef, did you ever get the text i sent ya?

sorry i haven't been available much... um, belated christmas and new year's greetings to all, happy chinese new year, and all that jazz. i guess i've just been too tired to do anything outside of playing scrabulous on facebook... heh, guilty pleasure... and watching "law and order" and "monk" reruns on tv.

maybe i'm just updating for the sake of updating? lately i've been feeling so dispassionate about everything.

blecch, i hate sounding mopey. gotta snap. out. of. this. funk. i've been trying to write short stories for practice, and i can't seem to want to do that, either.

maybe this is my mid-life crisis. dear sweet jeebus, i'm still in my 20s and i feel like i'm 50-something. *slaps her own face*

kids can have drama, too.

so i was washing my car in the parking lot of our apartment complex, and some of the kids that live here were playing a rousing game of badminton... so as i'm finishing coating the car with wax (because i love my neji-kun), the kids ask if i would join them, because they don't have even teams.

uh, well, i politely declined because it would be awkward- an adult playing with several little kids. as the car dried in the sun, two of the kids began to verbally fight over how one wouldn't invite the other into his place for popsicles, and the kid defended himself by reminding her that he lives with a mean grandmother who doesn't like having other children around.

the kid then says, "if my grandmother wasn't home, you know you could come in! ALL of you guys could come in!"

and she argued, "nuh-uh, your grandma is always home! you're a liar!"

so finally, after inwardly laughing about a scenario that wouldn't resolve itself unless the "evil" grandmother grew a heart, i butted in and said, "hey, guys- don't fight. be cool, 'kay?"

a moment later, squabbling boy and girl says, "yeah. let's be cool" and give each other awkward high-fives.

i walked away laughing at the "after-school special"-ishness of it all.

kids are freakin' funny.

"transformers", sdkjfhsdkjfhskjdhfsdf

ok. you know i rarely spend money to watch a movie at the theatre- the last one was "300" pardon the overabundance of salivation and y'all know how much i adored that fic!!!

saw "transformers" a few hours ago with church friends. loved it. loved it, loved it, LOVED IT!!! shibbles, i was absolutely blown away. fantabulous, utterly so. i would gladly fork over money to watch it again, fo'sho.

though one thing bothered me several times throughout the flick. when there's a robot/car/plane/tank (what have you) racing down a busy street, why do people feel the need to run across the street in FRONT of the aforementioned speeding vehicle? wouldn't you want to STAY on your side of the street and run in the opposite direction?

je ne comprende pas.

update, 7:30pm- my old roommate thought the robots in "transformers" were people in costume. *headdesk* i can't believe i lived with her and didn't kill myself...


because i fell ill on monday and tuesday, my mom thought it would be a good idea if i did some sort of inner-body cleansing, so she made me drink this weird korean thing (that tasted like CRAP!!!) yesterday.

BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG mistake. i've been going to the bathroom in 5-minute intervals ever since 7:30 this morning!!! sheesh, i might as well replace my comfy swivel chair with a toilet bowl... i'd be able to get some freakin' work done!!! and my 10:30 meeting? fuhgeddaboudit!!!

and everything that's been coming out is so... watery and clear. nothing solid or brown. that's it, no lunch for me. i'm goin' to borders.

of course, i had to share this with you guys. XD

sharing is caring.


well, i was pretty busy all (waves hands in a frantic arc) of last week and then some, and i guess it caused me to become violently ill all of last night to this early this morning. huzzah- i lost 3 lbs!!! not-huzzah, i'll probably gain it all back since it was mostly water (and just to specify on the details, nothing came out the back end. i swear, if i believed in reincarnation, my initials would be t.m.i...)

i realize that staying home from work is quite boring, unless you're really playing hooky and going shopping and all that other fun jazz... me, i learned that i could lose myself in something called "wonderpets" (and i know you're all probably slapping your foreheads right now), a show about a classroom hamster, duckling, and box turtle who help animals in need?! geez louise, i can't help being drawn to cute things. i watched for a few minutes before watching something called "sunset tan"... which i hope to never watch again. me no likey. so what did i switch the telly to? "clifford, the big red dog". asljdfhasdhfjskdfhsdf i lose at life.

it just made me really, really, really sad that shows geared towards people in my age group don't really appeal to me. poop-dee-doop. ah, well.

the audit should be over by the end of the week, so i'll try posting more often. noctalis_noctis, i'll post your giftfic tonight- sorry for its uber-lateness~!! ef, i heard about your SAT scores- congrats!!! **hugs** i knew you'd do awesomely~!!

and... hmm, there isn't much more for me to say, other than this: ♥ ♥ f-list, i miss youze~!! ♥ ♥

edit, 8:39pm: to noctalis_noctis, from meezers... Dinner For Two

iz brainded.

i'm still at work. i've been here since 7:30am, and it's well past 8:30pm...

27 more documents left to redline, re-proof, and turn in to chicago by 12am.

dead tired.

will do a fanime recap post hopefully by the end of the week.


question, friends.

rangiku's hair color. manga, it's strawberry blonde-ish. anime, orange. i iz confuddled. must learn right from wrong before i bleach these locks of mine.

because i am. it shall happen. i have deemed it so.

he's singing in korean... lol~!!

well, my mom's talking to one of her friends now, so the whole "mother's day" crapfest is hopefully over now. i still haven't eaten dinner. phooey.

thanks, kame and ef... blah. stupid holiday. i'm never going to have kids. feh.

i thought everyone would benefit from stephen colbert tonight... i certainly had a bazillion laughs- his korean is a hundred times better than mine~!!

pity me, i am a sick, sick person.

i caught the cold over the weekend, and this morning i woke up so many freakin' times because every time i turned my head on the pillow, there'd be this cold patch of drool wherever my cheek landed. the droolage was EVERYWHERE... my blanket, both sides of all 3 of my pillows, the bedsheets- i feel gross.

and today, i've been sneezing out boogers and several co-workers have pointed out that i sound like a nascar drag race, or a tuba, or other non-juliesque sounds.

nyquil no longer works for me, everything i eat tastes like sawdust, and i want to go home, but i'll just sleep and wake up all droolified again.

gads, my poor future husband. he's going to want to sleep on the couch where it's MUCH drier.

*blows nose*

i can't pronounce my 'm's, 't's, and 'n's. i'be dot doig fide ad all. X3


bankai baby~!!
ye hath been owned~!!

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